Ghosting (Single​-​Edit)

by Coma.



First Single of the Album which is yet to come.
Introducing Shødan Armada.


Release me, for I can destroy

Cursed, the wound which bleeds... a cut in time.
Destroyed emotions we can't bear.
And so, we never were.
Cursed under the eye of cain.

Release me, for I can destroy
I am mere the voice of the void

And all the empty vessels will never accept in me
The words that I have spoken:
"It's impossible to be".
What's the meaning of speaking, when noone will listen to?
The words that keep repeating,
What will they do to you?

I just want to see it hurt.
Feel myself rot and drown.
Your screams, heard, a smile.
Reach out for me, so I (can) burn your hand

My mind is long gone
Into the depths of night
So I stay and wonder, where to go
How to keep myself from dying
But it seems, my thoughts have dried
And my heart is colded
Sleepless and tormented
A curse to those who know, yet fragile
My mind is long gone
And so I wander through the streets alone
Taste the rain from my frozen skin
Listening to the echoes of silence
Repeating my name
Reflecting the image of a broken body

I can live with emptiness, but not with you.


released July 5, 2014
Songwriting, Synths, Vocals: Vøid
Drums: Moloch
Bass: Spectre
Guitars: Shødan Armada, Cpt. Carnage
Additional Content: Terror Zen

Mixing: Shødan Armada, Sebastian Hoffmann



all rights reserved


Coma. Feldkirch, Austria

Started in 2012.

"Phantomschmerz" out now.

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